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Hitbits | Fight different monsters, level up, purchase items make yourself stronger, hire mercenaries to increase your power and claim multiple rewards.

You can earn tokens from multiple sources, from easiest to most complicated is Faucet > Shortlinks > Raids > Offerwalls
Earning Options:
==>Multiple ways to earn;
Earn from faucet, offerwalls, challenges, achievements , raids , bonuses and much more!
Generate extra income and increase your Character damage with mercenaries, hire them for different time periods and generate extra tokens every hour and increase your damage vs Raids;

<<<Types of currencies>>>
There are 3 types of currencies on this site:
==>Credits (1000 Credits = USD$0.05 and can be withdrawn for BTC and DOGE). It can be used to purchased items on the market;
Credits can be obtain like this::
1.You can take part in raids; You will get an amount proportionate to the damage you do;
2.You can buy mercenaries; Each mercenary gives you 3 Credits per hour, but also uses up 2 Food per hour. Mercenaries can be purchased for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days);
3.You can change Tokens into Credits at the currency exchange.
==>Tokens (1 token can be exchanged for 5 Credits in the market, and can be used to purchased items on the market);
Tokens can be obtained by claiming the Faucet, Shortlinks, Offerwalls.
==>Gold (used to purchased certain items like health portions on the market).
Gold is dropped randomly when you attack the raid monster, and can also be obtained on the currency exchange.

<<<Leveling and free points>>>
On each level up you will get free 8 points so you can distribute them between your stats.
You can get extra points by using books of knowledge which you can purchase from the market or obtain as Raid drop.

<<<Energy and HP regeneration>>>
Every 2 minutes your character regenerates automatically 2 Energy points and 5 HP points, you can restore energy or HP by using potions.

<<<Joining Raids>>>
You can join and attack any raid which is in your level range
Your raid level range is [YOUR LEVEL] – 70 to [YOUR LEVEL] + 70.
You are able to join out of range raids, but not able to attack them.

Referral Program:
==>Get 25% from every ref Claim;
==>Get from 5% to 10 fFrom every Offerwall survey;
==>Get 5% chance to get item drop.

Payment Options:
==>Multiple Payment Options
Direct payments to your BTC or DOGE wallet and more coming soon!
Min withdraw amount 2000 Credits (1000 Credits = USD$0.05).

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